About Me

Wade Gale
Executive Marketing Director
801-455-0075 Cell

If you give me 1% of your trust I will earn the other 99%. If you can accept that, then continue reading.

I will be able to give your vision wings.  You can teach anyone the mechanics of the job, but you can't teach the delicate art of "PEOPLE", my core principles.

My core values:   Personable, Ethical, Organized, Persistent, Loyal, Excellent; P.E.O.P.L.E. These are my core principles that drive my life and my success. Through P.E.O.P.L.E., I find that everything is possible and everything matters.

My Core Principles coupled with my proven work history promise to be an asset to your patients and your team.  I believe there is no problem that can’t be solved.  I am proficient at confronting challenges and creating solutions with action plans that solve any situation.  My action plans have generated success levels with 200% to 400% increase in results year over year.

Public Relations / Community Relations Manager

My experience and success with Public Relations in the Nonprofit field and marketing experience as a Community Relations Manager gives me the ability to build strong, lasting and, trusting relationships. My ability to do this is unparalleled and helps to create comfortable environments that allow me to navigate negotiations and find solutions that are mutually beneficial to you and your clients. 

P.E.O.P.L.E. is the business of Public Relations and Marketing and I am an expert in P.E.O.P.L.E. These are the core principles of GREAT CLIENT RELATIONS EXPERIENCE.

Customer Service Management / Team Management

I have over two decades in the Customer Service and Sales industry and over 10 years in General Management and Store Management roles. 

I have developed several customer focused and team focused action plans that produce results that increase the customer experience and team loyalty.

I have built a store's team from the ground up and promoted several people I had hired to continued promotions throughout the company.

Special Events Management / Planning

My extensive 10 years experience in the Special Events planning industry guarantees your company has the best candidate to ensure the Above and Beyond luxury class service to your clients and staff. 

I have developed and maintained relationships with event coordinators and companies to ensure that the best interests of our community are met with the commitment to be of service.

I have recruited, trained and promoted staff.  I have managed teams of over 120 people with direct responsibility of 46 of them. 

I have taken on the procurement and purchasing of multi-million dollar events, including, but not limited to large event tent rentals, stage rentals, over 300 guest luxury chair rentals to sound stages for bands of celebrity status.

I have also managed $350k weddings from florists, to musicians, transportation of guests, hotel accommodations for guests, down to the intimate details, wedding invitations, to coat check to wedding party gifts.

Managing the timetable of weddings, corporate events and so very much more.

I also managed the recruiting of employees, packing trucks and ensuring all vendors and inventory was at the event and setup to exact specifications.  I was the blood of the event.  

Personal Talents that enhance my life.

I'm also an artist


I find passion in creating with paint. I find that there is a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes from artistic expression

visit my instagram link below to see my art...

email:  art@wadegale.com
Cell: 801-707-1010